Frequently asked questions

  • Penthesilea Academy is committed to nurturing young, talented flutists as they prepare for a successful audition experience. We provide a dedicated environment for honing skills in the expansive orchestral repertoire, enhancing mental and physical balance through one-on-one coaching sessions, and fostering teamwork skills through ensemble work. Our comprehensive approach is the result of Karin Bonelli's extensive experience as a professional flutist who has been a part of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra since 2012.
  • At Penthesilea Academy, you will not only elevate your musical skills but also gain mastery over your nervous system and breath control in preparation for your audition. During our program, you will have the opportunity to simulate your audition in front of a professional jury. We will guide you through the situations you will encounter during your upcoming auditions, helping you prepare artistically, physically, and mentally. This will enable you to deliver your best performance during one of the most crucial moments of your life.
  • Penthesilea Academy 2024 will take place from August 24th to September 1st in Ebensee (Austria).
  • Our commitment is to assist musicians who have already reached a certain level of musical proficiency to ensure their success in auditions. Therefore, we require an electronic application for participation in this exclusive group.
  • Penthesilea Academy 2024 can accommodate a maximum of 30 Flute and Trumpet students.
  • Yes, we are. Once this waitlist is closed, and the application process begins, you will receive information about the details, special early bird offers, and scholarship opportunities.

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